Maximum performance of a product can be extracted only KEEPER technology

KEEPER develops product design, producing mold, designing and producing manufacturing system and equipment, and performance test instruments.
KEEPER self-made production equipments can flexibly approach the varying environmental requirements of market.
KEEER technical team always seek best solution of troubles with its highly sophisticated technology.

  • Mold/Tool Design & Production

    Design and production of precision mold & tool for prototype and mass production. Advanced construction of mold & tools pursuing best performance of products. Test/Measuring system for highest quality. Qualified Products originated our basic technology.

  • Production-Line Equipment

    Consistent production line linked with material supply throughout to packaging. Small size, high accuracy and low cost. Clean production environment for precise product. KEEPER's self-developed equipment by its own know-how.

  • Particular

    Everywhere in KEEPER plants you will find its specific technology and our persistent insistence on it. KEEPER will continue developing and manufacturing the products loved by the users globally.